Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Swedish Stomp & Scamparoo Sat, April 24, 2021

As spring returns and the world turns green, mark your calendars for some fun and fitness at this family-friendly event: The 2021 Bishop Hill Stomp and Scamparoo.
Embrace the season; grab your race gear and run/walk this rolling 5K course through beautiful Bishop Hill, IL. Join us at the Colony School on Saturday, April 24, 2021. The race begins at 9:00 am, registration starts at 7:30 am.
A free Scamparoo for kids ages six and under will follow the Stomp.

Register online or download, print, and mail this registration form
For additional information or to volunteer to help with this event, contact BHOSA President, Randy Anderson, at 309-883-9209.

Saturday, February 6, 2021

BHOSA February News & President's Message

Happy Groundhog Day. It seems fitting to report that little has changed over the past year, but with a new year, we are all hopeful that things will get back to some semblance of normalcy.

There are many things to do this year with the 175th Anniversary of the founding of Bishop Hill Colony and the 125th Anniversary of the Bishop Hill Old Settlers’ Association. Planning for the parade on September 11, 2021, will require help from all members and volunteers and the executive committee is meeting to develop plans which we will share with you in the coming weeks and months. We welcome your input and you are encouraged to submit ideas and suggestions as we develop our plans for 2021. You can contact us by email, letter, or phone with the information at the end of this eMail.

With the Covid-19 restrictions, communication has been limited with our membership. Hopefully, we will be able to have a meeting of the membership soon. I plan to send out a meeting notice for April 7, 2021, depending on the situation regarding Covid-19. I will be sending out more frequent newsletters this year. Our regularly scheduled events are on the calendar, with the first event being the Swedish Stomp, subject to Covid-19 circumstances at that time. Please mark your calendar for Saturday, April 24th, and be available to help with this event. You will be contacted with details of where and what aspects of the Stomp your help is needed.

The capital campaign is being extended through 2021. The “Adopt a Window” project will also run through 2021. At present, our goal of $21,000 for window restoration is near 75%. Changes to current tax laws make it easier and more advantageous for taxpayers to contribute to charitable organizations at the present time. Hopefully, this will continue. Consult your tax professional for information on charitable contributions in 2021. Maintenance of the Colony School is a constant concern, and the next major project slated to begin this year is tuckpointing of the Colony School. Our Capital Campaign hopes to raise $50,000 to cover the cost of restoration of the Colony School brickwork. All contributions are gratefully received. The Bottom Line: With the shutdown of the Colony School in 2020, and the cancellation of all our fundraising events 2020 has been a year of diminishing returns. Income has relied solely on donations and membership dues, but with regular membership of $5.00 per year, expenses have far outweighed income for 2020.

To encourage more dues income for the Old Settlers’ we are offering a Lifetime Membership to the Old Settlers’ for $1000. Regular annual dues remain at $5.00 through 2021 and will be reviewed later this year to be increased in 2022. In the meantime, if you have paid dues for 2020, Thank You. If you have not paid dues we ask that you send your dues and consider including an extra donation to help with expenses at the present time. We look forward to hearing from you and being able to have a full meeting in the near future.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2021.  
Take care out there. 
Randy Anderson, Co-President 
Roy Magnuson, Co-President 
For the Executive Board 
Bishop Hill Old Settlers’ Association 
Contact us:   
BHOSA / PO Box 68 / Bishop Hill, IL 61419  
Randy Anderson:  309-883-9209 
Roy Magnuson: 
Beth Magnuson:  309-737-0260

Monday, September 7, 2020

2020 Old Settlers' Day and School Reunion Cancelled / Membership Renewal Request

Until this fall, the BHOSA has set aside a special weekend to commemorate the 1846 founding of the BH Colony. We’ve celebrated its descendants and our newer settlers with food, music, fellowship, but this year, all is different. There will be no Old Settlers’ Day and the Colony School Reunion has been canceled. Current covid guidelines have forced us to limit the size of our congregation and we must act to protect our members from the lingering threat of virus. 

The BHOSA holds its annual Membership Drive during the month of September. Until this season, it has been a time to meet with our supporters, update our membership roster, and most importantly, to hear and incorporate some much-needed feedback in planning for the year ahead. We have not held a regular meeting since January 2020, so we are reaching out to members here, online. Please take the time to download a membership form. Make any necessary updates to your information and mail it to the BHOSA with your $5.00 dues. Feel free to use the reverse side of the form to add your thoughts on any project or direction you’d like the OS to consider while planning our 2021 agenda.

We appreciate your input!

Since 2021 is the 175th anniversary of Bishop Hill’s founding, we are asking for ideas from you, our members, on how we should observe this milestone. Every five years the BHOSA holds a parade through town; 2021 is a parade year. We need folks willing to help organize this exhibition. We need sponsors, marchers, and groups to create floats. PLEASE contact us to share any ideas you have. 

We Need Your Help To Plan Our Future
We need you!

As each year comes to a close, the BHOSA nominates and votes for a new slate of officers. Our current officers are Randy Anderson and Roy Magnuson – Co-Presidents, Jasa Todorovich – 1st Vice President, Jeff Olson – 2nd Vice President, Treasurer – Beth Magnuson, Secretary – vacant – Beth Magnuson, Pro Tem.  This Executive Board will stand until we are again able to meet, vote, and approve new candidates.

Help us plan the future BHOSA.
If you are willing to serve as an executive or can nominate someone for a position, please come forward. During the time we have been cloistered, the Executive Board has met regularly to oversee maintenance projects and review operations. To continue, we need members to contribute by serving; we must have help to move forward toward what we hope will be a busy anniversary year. 

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Good News: Work continues on the Colony School

Bishop Hill has been a beehive of activity these past few months. We have taken full advantage of the slowdown in traffic triggered by social distancing to make much needed improvements to our infrastructure and our buildings. The buzz of activity can be heard everywhere in town – including the Colony School.
Earlier this spring the BHOSA announced its window renewal project. We are approaching the hallway mark in our work, with more progress promised soon. The dilapidated doors to the exterior cellar stairs on the west side of the Schoolhouse were replaced with a sturdy, custom-built pair by Van Wassenhove Construction. That’s one more item from our maintenance list we can now check as done!
The letters that were to be mailed soliciting funds for our “window adoption campaign” were politely delayed in light of our current economic instability. Yet news of this project reached sponsors online and I am happy to report that some windows have already been claimed! Donations have come in from members who wish to support the BHOSA by dedicating a window to an individual or in the name of a family. We appreciate all contributions - in any amount - but if you are interested in reserving a window in the name of your clan or to honor a special person, please email President Randy Anderson or email President Roy Magnuson for details.          

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

2020 Bishop Hill Car Show Cancelled

Our hopes of returning to business-as-usual this summer are fading fast. The Midsommar Maypole festivities that are usually held on the lawn of the schoolhouse were cancelled. The July Antique Show has also been deleted from the summer lineup.
As the BHOSA continues to comply with all the covid19 restrictions – designed to keep us healthy and safe – we announce the cancellation of another or our sponsored annual events: The Bishop Hill Car Show.
While it’s possible that Bishop Hill could shift into Phase Four under the Restore Illinois plan as early as late June, the organizers of the Bishop Hill Car Show feel that the uncertainty of this promise makes it too difficult to continue with plans to hold the event this year. We look forward to a safer, bigger, show in 2021, unhampered by virus. We hope all our loyal participants and fans of this show will join in supporting the event next year. Thank you for understanding.

Friday, March 20, 2020

The 2020 BH Stomp has been Postponed

The Old Settlers' have held the Stomp and Skamparoo here in Bishop Hill for 24 years under all sorts of conditions - sunny skies, pouring rain, even snow showers! This year though, the coronavirus has called a halt to the footrace.

The Old Settlers extend our sincere wishes to all for continued good health and safe passage in navigating society during the months ahead. As the protocol in dealing with the spread of coronavirus changes, we will modify the way we conduct our business. For now, our monthly meetings have been suspended. The Bishop Hill Stomp has been postponed until all threat of illness has passed. Those who have already applied will receive reimbursement by mail or refunded online.

We look forward to gathering again later this season with a renewed interest in celebrating that which matters most: our friends, our families, and our extraordinary community.

Should you have questions about scheduled events or rentals, please use the contact form to email us. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

The 2020 Bishop Hill Stomp Is Coming Soon!

The Bishop Hill Old Settlers' Association 
invites you to the 
25th Annual 
Swedish Stomp & Skamparoo
Saturday, April 25, 2020
This 5k walk/run through scenic Bishop Hill is perfect for participants of all ages and abilities. Tots, six and under can join in the fun at the Skamparoo following the 5k race. Post-race refreshments will be served in the 1861 Bishop Hill Colony School and the proceeds will help in its restoration and maintenance. To download and print a race application, click HERE.