Sunday, August 17, 2014

Colony School Hosts Soup Supper

The Bishop Hill Colony School was the place to be Saturday night! It was the setting for the annual Soup Supper held during the weekend Fiber Arts Festival here in Bishop Hill. A table of handmade pottery bowls greeted hungry folks as they entered the dinning room. It's tradition that each guest keep their bowl; many visitors return each year to sample some hearty soups and to add to their bowl collection!
The Colony School is the venue for many such events and is available to the general public for rent. Are you searching for the right location for a private or public party?
The rustic charm of this faithfully restored schoolhouse - complete with its bell and blackboards - is the kind of setting that would make any occasion most memorable.
A spacious modern kitchen makes a catered affair easy to achieve. To reserve a spot for your next soiree, use the contact form at the right or call 309-927-3833 for information.