Monday, September 22, 2014

Old Settlers' prepare for Jordbruksdagarna

The weekend forecast calls for splendid weather! Come join us at Bishop Hill's harvest celebration this Saturday and Sunday. Read all the details HERE.
Hot and delicious stew for you!
Stew, hardtack, rice pudding - mmmmm
Since 1972, on the last weekend in September each year, Bishop Hill has celebrated the harvest festival, Jordbruksdagarna (pronounced yord-brooks-DAH-ga-na), Swedish for "Earth Work Days.” The park and locations about town are now being readied for this weekend's festivities. The Bishop Hill Old Settlers are hauling the old stew cauldron to the park and setting up tables for the traditional meal they prepare for festival guests each September. On the menu is colony stew, hard tack, and rice pudding.

Enjoy your meal in the beautiful park
Many family and  kids activities are planned
Shop our fabulous selection of harvest produce
Music for your enjoyment
Come and enjoy 19th century agricultural and artisan demonstrations, food, music, children’s activities, and a hearty colonial meal. Shop vendors selling produce, antiques, and baked goods. See firsthand what our ancestors did to create the world of luxury in which we live today!