Monday, April 30, 2018

2018 Swedish Stomp Results: Fun was had by all!

They are off!
There were 74 entrants registered for the 2018 Stomp; a total of 64 runners and walkers undertook the 5K course. The crisp, sunny morning was invigorating. It was perfect race weather.
Our wind whipped banner
The 2018 Stomp was dedicated to the former BHOSA President, Cinda Anderson, who served as Race Director for more than 10 years. She passed away earlier this year. Cinda is fondly remembered by the organization's members and was much missed on race day.
The Stomp winds through beautiful Bishop Hill
Special thanks to BHOSA President, Randy Anderson, for stepping in and coordinating the event this year and to Mike Keup for overseeing the race and manning the stop watch and printers. Thanks to Lou Lourdeau who kindly shared these action-packed photos!
The skamparoos having some fun
The BHOSA appreciates the support of our local businesses and all its members who worked behind the scenes to ensure the enjoyment and comfort of our guests.
Find the original Krans sign at the BH Museum on the south side of the village
The organizers of this race wanted to give it a Swedish flair. They called it a “Stomp” and took inspiration for its logo from a wooden sign painted by Olof Krans for the John August Noyd Boot and Shoe Store. Ever since, the winners of the Stomp are awarded a wooden boot. This year the boots were carved and donated by Paul Terpening of Geneseo, IL. Thank you Paul.
President Anderson awards boot to Women's Champion, Karen Brophy 
President Anderson awards boot to Overall Winner, Reese Borlin

To all the runners, walkers, and little skamparoos: 
This race is for you. Thanks for your participation.
The 2018 Swedish Stomp Results
Men’s Race Results:
Overall Winner – Reese Borlin, Washington, IL  17:06
2.  Dave Hummel, Knoxville, 22:02
3.  Jeremy Randolph, Galesburg, 22:33
4.  Anthony Dearing, Kewanee, 22:59
5.  James Campbell, Kewanee, 24:36
6.  Joe Peters, Oneida, 26:38
7.  Jeff Scheider, Geneseo, 27:17
8.  Kim McCubbin, Colona, 27:32
9.  Mike Shields, Rushville, 28:17
10.  Jake Conrad:  Galva, 28:47
11.  Jerome Stenger, Hampshire, 29:32
12.  Amos Campbell, Kewanee, 29:53
13.  Tom Campbell, Kewanee, 30:00
14.  Brad Nikles, Lincoln, 30:42
15.  Jonathan Johnson, Woodhull, 30:58
16.  Mike Massie, Galva, 32:23
17.  Glen Gustafson, Galesburg, 36:52
18.  Terry Shields, Galva, 36:53
19.  Marshall Randolph, Monmouth, 38:29
20.  Wayne McIntire, Galva, 39:25
21.  Mark Jeffrey, Galva, 39:36
22. Bryant Jeffrey, Galva, 39:39
23.  Drew Larson, Galva, 44:09
24.  Tommy Funke, Bishop Hill, 44:35
25.  Ty Dowell Keup, Bishop Hill, 44:35
26.  James Peterson, Galesburg, 45:08
27.  Tim Montooth, Galva, 1:01:26
Women's Race Results
Overall Women's Champion - Karen Brophy, Des Moines, Iowa, 23:59
2.  Heather Anderson, Galva, IL, 24:52
3.  Allison Kopp, Osco, 25:25
4.  Teresa Thompson, Galesburg, 26:08
5.  Sedonie Scheider, Geneseo, 26:20
6.  Patty Gustafson, Galesburg, 26:24
7.  Jessica Jones, Galesburg, 27:27
8.  Annie Campbell, Kewanee, 29:59
9.  Beth Johnson, Galva, 30:55
10.  Mary Bergren, Kewanee, 31:20
11.  Kaleena Conrad, Galva, 31:34
12.  Cassandra Murdock, Oneida, 33.03
13.  Sheryl Dowden, Sycamore, 33:20
14.  Jacqy Peterson, Moline, 34:30
15.  Sherri Matuszyk, Kewanee, 34:39
16.  Barb Nikles, Lincoln, 34:43
17.  Rita Burrows, Galva, 34:58
18.  Krista Swanson, Oneida, 35:01
19.  Taylor Burke, Altona, 35:40
20.  Laura Burke, Altona, 36:00
21.  Makayla Bern, Orion, 36:00
22.  Mary Bennison, Dahinda, 36:27
23.  Claire Hermie,Kewanee, 37:35
24.  Patricia Gerrond, Neponset, 38:59
25.  Missy McCubbin, Colona, 39:32
26.  Dawn Peters, Oneida, 40:03
27.  Sarah Horr, Osco, 43:12
28.  Marti White, Galva, 44:36
29.  Carmen Peterson, Galesburg, 45:07
30.  Whitney Bergren, Galva, 46:11
31.  Karin McIntire, Galva, 47:23
32.  Vickie Massie, Galva, 56:08
33.  Stacy Hanks, Galva, 56:22
34.  Emily Vought, Milan, 56:23
35.  Gin Gartin, Galva, 56:24
36.  Kim Thrush, Bishop Hill, 1:04:52
37.  Kelly Ellis, Traverse City, Michigan, 1:04:54

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Stomp returns to Bishop Hill on April 28th

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