Monday, September 7, 2020

2020 Old Settlers' Day and School Reunion Cancelled / Membership Renewal Request

Until this fall, the BHOSA has set aside a special weekend to commemorate the 1846 founding of the BH Colony. We’ve celebrated its descendants and our newer settlers with food, music, fellowship, but this year, all is different. There will be no Old Settlers’ Day and the Colony School Reunion has been canceled. Current covid guidelines have forced us to limit the size of our congregation and we must act to protect our members from the lingering threat of virus. 

The BHOSA holds its annual Membership Drive during the month of September. Until this season, it has been a time to meet with our supporters, update our membership roster, and most importantly, to hear and incorporate some much-needed feedback in planning for the year ahead. We have not held a regular meeting since January 2020, so we are reaching out to members here, online. Please take the time to download a membership form. Make any necessary updates to your information and mail it to the BHOSA with your $5.00 dues. Feel free to use the reverse side of the form to add your thoughts on any project or direction you’d like the OS to consider while planning our 2021 agenda.

We appreciate your input!

Since 2021 is the 175th anniversary of Bishop Hill’s founding, we are asking for ideas from you, our members, on how we should observe this milestone. Every five years the BHOSA holds a parade through town; 2021 is a parade year. We need folks willing to help organize this exhibition. We need sponsors, marchers, and groups to create floats. PLEASE contact us to share any ideas you have. 

We Need Your Help To Plan Our Future
We need you!

As each year comes to a close, the BHOSA nominates and votes for a new slate of officers. Our current officers are Randy Anderson and Roy Magnuson – Co-Presidents, Jasa Todorovich – 1st Vice President, Jeff Olson – 2nd Vice President, Treasurer – Beth Magnuson, Secretary – vacant – Beth Magnuson, Pro Tem.  This Executive Board will stand until we are again able to meet, vote, and approve new candidates.

Help us plan the future BHOSA.
If you are willing to serve as an executive or can nominate someone for a position, please come forward. During the time we have been cloistered, the Executive Board has met regularly to oversee maintenance projects and review operations. To continue, we need members to contribute by serving; we must have help to move forward toward what we hope will be a busy anniversary year.