Friday, May 7, 2021

May Meeting of BHOSA May 12 at 6pm - Join us!

The day has finally come! The first of our 2021 meetings will be held at the Colony School on May 12th at 6 pm. Please note that we have changed our meeting date to the second Wednesday of each month. This will be the first meeting of the membership since covid curtailed our events over a year ago. The planned agenda begins with President Anderson’s report. A Secretary’s report will be held until June. Our new Treasurer, Joella Krause, will bring us up to date with a financial report. Old News will be followed by New Business. Topics include a review of our by-laws, updating our rental agreement and adjusting our membership dues. The final and most important item on the agenda is to establish committees and budget for the 125th anniversary of the Old Settlers' and the 175th Anniversary of the Colony, a celebration, and Parade. We need all our members to contribute to make this year a success; please plan to attend and share your ideas.